Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beer mug

Who likes beer? This beer sign is made from mild steel, copper and stainless steel. I made the mug first and decided that it had a good sign like quality to it. I liked that because beer signs are everywhere and are sometimes an art onto themselves. I thought I needed to add some text to make the mug more like a sign. "BEER" I thought would be nice and generic but still cool.
I would love to make more of these and do variations : "BREW", "BAR", "TAVERN", "SALOON". I can do custom bar signs for people who own a bar or have one in their basement or something. For the home brewing guys I can make your sign read the name of your brewery.
That gives me an idea. Custom tap handles. I guess I need to find out what standard thread is used on those. I am already getting ideas for that project. Anyways...
Contact me with your questions or to place an order for your personalized custom bar sign.

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