Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mini City

This is one of my very early metal sculptures. This is one of the pieces that made me realize how much I liked making art from metal.
I basically made a small, fast "sketch" of a city, just as a study. I was amazed how quickly the  small chunks of bar stock, found in the scrap bin under the saw, became "buildings" and then downtown Chicago. After this one I made two more similar pieces that were longer and had more "buildings", but this one stands out because how quickly it went together and gained life. 
Cities and buildings are interesting subject matter because of their relationship and interaction with man kind. I have just recently finished a DVD tower for my house that looks like a mini skyscraper. Maybe I will post a photo of it later.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kellen's Other Art

Hey, check out my new blog - Kellen's Other Art. I started another page to put some of my other non-metal artwork onto. I will also be posting updates on current projects under construction. This blog will remain strictly dedicated to my metal art business. The new blog will allow me to share all of my other art and music in my life.
There is a link to my new site in the side bar, or just click the title of this post.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bird Trap

I call this piece "Bird Trap". I am not sure why, but it does look like it would snag anything that got too close. 
This small piece is something I made for myself out of some small jagged pieces of scrap sheet metal. I put this composition together very quickly, on the fly, making it kind of an abstract expressionist piece. This is a fun way to work. I haven't shown this one to that many people before, but I like it. It is small and lives on a window sill in my art/music studio.
Art is fun! Please feel free to contact me whenever. Questions? Comments...