Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All Seeing Eye

I have been working on this piece for a long time. This is the All Seeing Eye. This symbol has can be found in many places throughout history sometimes called the Eye of Providence. It usually represents the eye of god watching over mankind. It can be traced back to the Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt. In Medieval and Renaissance Europe with the inclusion of the triangle it was often used to represent the Christian Trinity. Some people claim that it is a symbol often used by the Freemasons. It can also be found on the reverse of the United States national seal. An example of it can be seen on the back of the one dollar bill.
This is a wall hanging made from hundreds of small rectangle pieces. It hangs from a heavy duty wall mount bracket and is about 39 inches in diameter. When I was finishing this one up I decided to paint a few of the pieces white to help add to the radiating affect of the design. I also went with a gloss clear coat to allow the image to almost sparkle with light when viewed from various angles.
I am currently enjoying this piece in my home, but it is for sale. If you are interested in this or any other work please contact me.

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Kellen's Mom said...

This is an unbelievable piece!