Friday, November 7, 2008

Lightning Bug Lamp!

This piece is a little out of season as far as subject matter, but it is so cool. This is a lightning bug lamp. It's about 33 inches tall from base to tip of antenna. The creature has an impressive 26" wing span, and is using it to hover from the giant blades of grass. 
 It was been awaiting completion for a while, because I couldn't decide what I wanted to use for the butt. It needed to let light through and also be of a material that would contrast the steel, with the light on or off. I thought about screen, glass, and plastic. I ended up using some spare insulated wire to twine around the butt piece. Then I melted off the insulation, exposing the copper wire. I am very happy with the results. The wire gives just the right amount of coverage to reflect unwanted glare. The shiny copper seems to glow under the low-wattage incandescent bulb hidden up in the insects body.
This piece deserves a good home. It needs to be proudly displayed in someone's home, office, greenhouse... I don't have room to keep all of my work. This is kind of a big one so it needs to go. I want to make sure that whoever gets it really respects that work that went into it and will honestly enjoy the piece every time they see it. If anyone is interested in this work or has questions about commissions you can contact me at:

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