Sunday, September 13, 2009

Traffic Light Wall Lamp

This didn't involve a ton of metal work, but it is a good example of other kinds of things that I am always creating. I have made some furniture and lamps. This is wall lamp made out of an old glass lens from a traffic light. When I picked up these lenses I was surprised to learn how blue the "green" lens was. I decided to replace a boring wall lamp I had in my stairway with the blue lens. It fits nicely on my "Bubble Wall", consisting of my collection of convex mirrors. I used a compact fluorescent bulb with a cool spectrum to keep the blue look of the lens.
I also got a full traffic light when I picked up the lenses. I made that into a floor lamp by building a nice sturdy base and rewiring it. I gave it three small toggle switches on the back to control each light.
Can you tell who is in the that poster?

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Michelle said...

I really love metal wall art and its great to finally see someone great at there craft! keep up the good work!