Friday, October 24, 2008

Wine Sculpture

I have just finished this piece and couldn't wait to get a photo of it. My current set up in my studio isn't big enough to shoot this one it's too tall for my bag drop. I had to take it outside and get some snaps of it. This is the only one that is good enough to put up here. I am trying to keep away from putting snap shots on this page, but i had to show this one right away.
I did this as a custom design for my step dads sister. She wanted a bottle of wine pouring into a glass. She told me how big she wanted it and let me decide how i wanted it to look. This is what i came up with. The glass and bottle are represented only by several distinguishing features and the rest of their form is suggested only by the swirling "vino". 
I really enjoy doing custom work. It helps me to flex my skills and challenge me to exceed  my customers expectations. I am running to the end of my current orders, so i am looking to get some more work. You can contact me at if you are interested in having me design something for you. I will be working this way until i can get a proper website to sell my work using paypal or something. 
 More sculptures coming soon!


Kellen's Mom said...

This is even more cool in person! I love it. Debbie and Jason are going to love it!

Black Light in the Attic Podcast said...

Looks awesome dude! Hey I was showing my bro your stuff and he was impressed, too!

As far as using paypal, you can actually put a button on this blog here, just browse around on paypal and they have the html codes for all the various buttons they have. . .

You should start posting pieces with prices, no?

Cheers and welcome to the Global Mind that is. . .the Internet!!!

mscottberg said...

kellen, this is amazing! you are going to be famous someday! i would love for you to make a sculpture for me, but i will have to think of something:-)