Monday, June 15, 2009


 I am calling this piece Blueberry. It is an abstract wall hanging. This the first one of the series I have totally finished. There are several others already done and are in the process of being painted. 
I enjoy doing the hand painting on these. I may start to figure out how to incorporate some collage elements into these too. I don't know too much about color, so I stuck with a monotone theme. I figured blue was a good place to start.
I am busy working in the shop, but I have room to take a few orders right now. So if you are looking for anything to spruce up your garden or patio space you should get in touch with me. You can leave me comments here or send me an email:


Erin said...

I'm thinking of creating my first piece for my husband & I's 10th anniversary. This piece is a great inspiration as our living room color is blue. When working with aluminum do I need to solder the pieces together? Thanks for the help

Kellen Bain said...

Thanks. I love being able to inspire anything.
Actually Erin if you are working with thin gauge aluminum you may want to use a good quality two part epoxy for joining pieces.
Aluminum cannot be soldered. Aluminum can be arc welded but takes a lot of practice to do thin stuff.
If you wanted to do a soldering project, you should use thin steel or copper stuff.
Let me know if you have any more questions.