Monday, April 13, 2009

Weird Wall

This another abstract piece that I made for my collection. I have a lot of fun doing more design oriented work like this. You can get as creative as you want to get. Imagination is very important to me.
I have made several wall mounted pieces, but this one is my favorite. I see it everyday because it is hanging on a wall in my laundry room. My laundry room is kind of crazy if you can't tell from the paint colors. The guy who lived here before me was also an artist and he left his mark throughout the house. When I moved in I just added to the weirdness.


rayter said...

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Natalie said...

Hey curious how you made your "Weird Wall" piece?! I want to try and make something similar but don't have much experience at all...

natalie said...

Btw what is your price range? Do you accept requests? I think I might want you to make me some of your wall art...

Kellen Bain said...

Hey Natalie. Ya I wish I lived out there by the beach too. LOL. I am getting ready for another fun winter in Chicago.
Ya there are a few of art fair type things in downtown Chicago. I just went to go check one out called the Ravenswood art walk. It was held in a group of reconditioned old buildings and was really nice. I plan on finding more like that and getting my stuff in for next year.
I tried to do the local farmers market this summer and it was kind of a bust. I made good money one day and the other times I made nothing. It is best to have your artwork shown where it can be appreciated. Places where people are there to look for art to buy.
To answer your question, yes I love doing custom work. I will work within strict boundaries or I can take an your idea and run with it on my own. I create work for various price ranges. Usually for custom stuff I get an idea of what the client is comfortable with spending on the project and then working with that in mind. I manage the time, materials and detail according to the price. I do pieces for people for as little as like forty dollars.
Thanks again for your interest. It is encouraging to me, as I sometimes get doubtful of myself. Please keep in touch. Peace : )